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REVAMP - Update #2

Hi all,Steady progress is being made to the network! We have greatly improved the infrastructure of each server and added a ton of new features (As mentioned in Update #1).At this time, the only playable servers are Prison and Skyblock. To prevent anymore delays we will be re-opening the network allowing players to help find any bugs and exploits that we may have missed during alpha testing.The server will re-open on 29th July and the only servers that will be playable during that time will be Prison and Skyblock as the Survival server took a harder hit than we initially thought. (With that said there is the possibility of a Survival reset [with a compensation kit] if recovery is unsuccessful)Network status:Hub - ReadySurvival - Unavailable [23%]Prison - PlayableSkyblock - PlayableCreative - Unavailable [0%]Skywars - Unavailable [0%]Survival Games - Unavailable [0%]

REVAMP - Update #1

Hey everyone,I apologize for the delay with the maintenance. The hacker had caused more damage than we thought, deleting and resetting all ranks and permissions. The latest backup we had of the network was from a few months ago which we decided not to restore from.With all that said, we have decided to perform a revamp to the Minexus Network to increase the performance, professionalism and overall experience for players. We will be adding more features to each gamemode which will take some time to setup.Please see below for some planned updates/changes:Survival UPDATE 1.12 Update NEW GUI Shop (similar to Skyblock) NEW Quests (was planned, but never available) NEW Crate system Prison UPDATE 1.12 Update NEW Prison spawn NEW Crate system NEW Prison mines Plotworld instead of Prison Cells Skyblock UPDATE 1.12 Update NEW Skyblock spawn NEW Casino (Finally being added, though under review) NEW Crate system CHANGE Mob Arena System NEW Upgrades system Creative UPDATE 1.12 Update NEW Crate system NEW Vehicles Due to some of the updates mentioned for Skyblock, an Island world reset may be necessary, players will still keep their inventory and we are more than happy to save and restore player's islands (if they wish to keep it). With this said, no progress will be lost.If you wish to keep your Skyblock island, please reply below!Thanks for reading, hope to see you guys soon!

Server Maintenance

Hi all!A few days ago the Minexus Network was attacked by an undisclosed Minecraft user.This user was able to control the server from an operator status and destroyed the entire spawn in the Survival server and other various grievances due to an exploit in the server jar's main code.Upon aftermath investigations, it would appear that the "wilderness" world, where players build was untouched and unharmed. But as I did not travel the entire limits of the world I cannot confirm this. However, based on where I travelled and what I saw it looked promising!Fortunately we were able to restore the Survival spawn, but this gives me a wonderful opportunity to update the Network to 1.12.I've have sent the network into maintenance and during this time the network will not be available to the public. I will be working on getting everything up and running again as fast as I can and I do appreciate your support and patience.I'll do my best to keep you guys posted (as I have a tendency to not post updates)Thanks for reading!- super
Hi all,We have a new Minexus Network server trailer, big thanks to CloudX_ for making it!Check out the video below!
Hi guys,We hope you are enjoying the network. It's really great to see the old players as well as meet new ones!If you are a veteran player you would know that the Minexus Network has been around for a while now (prior to the recent opening). With that said, if you have purchased a rank previously I have good news, you are entitled to the redemption of your previous donor rank!Off the top of my head it is hard for me to remember exactly who donated, so the process for reclaiming your rank won't be done automatically. Please read below steps on what to do: Log into the email used for Paypal account used when donating Look for the Paypal receipt Find the transaction ID Copy the transaction ID and send it to me in a direct message here Once everything is cleared up on my end I will provide you with a coupon to purchase the rank from our store at a 100% discount Once the purchase is successful, you will need to visit every server on the network and type /redeem <rank> (eg. /redeem VIP) to update your rank.If there are any issues send me a message.- Zyr