Update REVAMP - Update #2

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  1. Zyr

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    Mar 3, 2017
    Hi all,

    Steady progress is being made to the network! We have greatly improved the infrastructure of each server and added a ton of new features (As mentioned in Update #1).

    At this time, the only playable servers are Prison and Skyblock. To prevent anymore delays we will be re-opening the network allowing players to help find any bugs and exploits that we may have missed during alpha testing.

    The server will re-open on 29th July and the only servers that will be playable during that time will be Prison and Skyblock as the Survival server took a harder hit than we initially thought. (With that said there is the possibility of a Survival reset [with a compensation kit] if recovery is unsuccessful)

    Network status:

    Hub - Ready
    Survival - Unavailable [23%]
    Prison -
    Skyblock - Playable
    Creative - Unavailable [0%]
    Skywars -
    Unavailable [0%]
    Survival Games -
    Unavailable [0%]
  2. xXWolfintlXx

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    Jun 6, 2017
    Yeah,long time no see,i hope u gonna give a lot of work to do this nice update
  3. Josetm270

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    R.I.P I lost my island when i died. ;-;