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  1. Y1n

    Y1n Coordinator Staff Member Coordinator Player

    Apr 22, 2017
    First name: vhedvwldq (if you really want to know, work it out.)
    Date of Birth: 22/02/2002
    Location: London, England [BST]

    1. Why are you applying for staff?
    I am applying for a position in the staff team to aid the network in propelling forward, not backward. I have already made a few contributions to the network via suggestions and bug reports but I do not think that it is enough. My expectations for this network are pretty high and I strive to believe that it will become a big, successful and well-known network in the future. Accepting me into the staff team would bring that future closer as I am, by far, more experienced with servers and server networks than many others as you will see in the second section of my application. Also, I love the community and I want to have more influence in making the community even greater by having direct contact with the staff team. Applying for staff should be taken seriously, and this application will be taken as seriously as I can get it to be. Becoming a staff member on a network like this would be an amazing accomplishment for me, I have always aimed to become staff on lesser-quality servers and server networks but this would be a big leap for me and I would definitely enjoy working with the staff team and the community to make this network even better than it already is (if that is even possible).

    I have vast knowledge when it comes to PvP. The 100s of videos I have of hackers should prove my knowledge; but what if I said that every single one of those videos on hackers got someone banned. That is ~200 people who have downloaded a hacked client and joined the server/network thinking they would not get caught but I caught them. This means I have a large amount of experience when it comes to catching hackers and I will definitely not let anyone suspicious get away. In truth, I have the most experience out of all the other applicants when it comes down to: reporting bugs/glitches, giving new ideas and most of all catching rule breakers. I have not seen anyone that has applied for a position in the staff team on Minexus who has solid proof of them being more than capable of taking the responsibility of becoming a Coordinator.

    Hard work only comes from dedication and the ascent of potential; I am the potential. Ever since I joined the network in April, I have always seen myself as a part of the prodigious staff team. Writing a quality application is only the first step but walking the walk is the harder part, this is what I have been dedicating myself towards and will continue to do until there is nothing to dedicate myself towards. I promise you, I am the perfect addition to the staff team and I will never let the network down. I strive to believe that there is always room for improvement and sitting here writing my application to my fullest just shows how hard I am aiming to put these improvements in place. Optimally, I devote myself to becoming a more important member of the community than just a Coordinator in the future and I know that the first step is always the hardest; being accepted will take me on the journey of success not just in the Minexus community, but the Minecraft community too.

    2. Do you have any previous staff experience? (If YES, please specify)

    Zirone Network:
    Helper with 5 months' experience

    Wulf Network:
    - Helper with 2 months of experience
    Moderator with 1 month of experience

    Castaway Network:
    - Helper with 3 months of experience

    NO SUFFICIENT PROOF - Network was bought before I could upload

    Cepheus Realm:
    - Helper with 2 months of experience
    NO SUFFICIENT PROOF - Network was bought before I could upload. http://www.mc-market.org/threads/177860/

    I have been a staff member on countless servers and server networks in the past, dedicating 1/5th of my whole life (3 years) keeping servers intact and trying to be a helpful asset to many others. I have also owned 2 fairly decent server networks a few years ago which had an average player base of 10 players on each. The first one I owned was CrypticNetwork which had a horrible name, horrible host and a horrible staff team as well as young me who knew nothing about system administration, website creation and staff management so it was doomed to fall at an early point in its potential life. I will not lie though, the network was actually configured in a very high quality manner as I had already started coding at that point in my life. The second network I forgot the name of but I remember that it was also quite successful and I used most of the files from my previous network and it did quite well. This one had Hub, Factions, Prison and Skyblock whilst CrypticNetwork did not include Skyblock.

    Here is the link to my YouTube playlist in which I record hackers and post them as a sort of portfolio, if you like. If you need any proof regarding me actually being "dewdplexy", I have logged onto the account with the same IP as I have on Y1n, which should be just enough.

    3. As a potential staff member, explain how you would make a difference/impact to the Minexus Network:
    As a coordinator, I would aim to keep the community in the rule boundaries and try to keep new players feel welcome on the server by guiding them through the basics and helping them if/when they are stuck. I have already started doing this too, trying to keep players online by talking to them and guiding them through the network and how it works. Sadly, the last person I tried to guide left the network out of boredom from playing Prison which made me try to find ways to make prison less boring by making suggestions on the forums. You can see I have been trying to improve the network by submitting bug reports and suggestions regularly and I intend to do the same if I were to become a staff member, possibly more.

    By becoming a member of the staff team, I can help out with almost everything on the network. I can make it more enjoyable and I can reply instantly to everyone on forums as and in-game as long as I am not AFK or busy. I am rarely AFK so you do not have to worry; I usually leave the network when I am AFK and come back later because I do not want people to ask me questions and get no answer, it seems impolite. I never let any hackers get away as they are ruining everyone's enjoyment in Minexus. I hope to welcome everyone new on the network and help them out with any questions that they are in need of asking as I am open to answer all questions that players propose to me. I do not intend to be a bias staff member and I will treat each question with the same respect, no matter the question. I am familiar with most commands and plugins so I can help out players with commands that he/she are struggling with. I am also good with detecting bugs as I have stated many times; there is proof to this as well, just check the "Report a Bug" section of the forums! My goal is to help out as many players as I can, get rid of all the hackers and eliminate each bug no matter how minor. I would treat each player with the same respect as I have for myself. Everyone is equal in my eyes, no matter how they act or how the treat others, we all do the same so there is no point judging others. In addition to my dedication on helping the actual in-game server, I am also very knowledgeable about websites. Having created ~5 XenForo-based websites myself, I know many workarounds for problems and ways to improve the website's performance and functionality as well as design.

    4. Do you speak any other languages? (If YES, please specify)
    Yes, I speak the following languages fluently: English, Polish.
    I have always seen that speaking languages is the easy part, but writing in those languages is much harder and I have no problem writing in both languages. I could even write a Polish version of the application if you want. The reason as to why I can speak Polish is due to me having Polish parents which means I had learnt most of the language through listening yet I took it upon myself to study Polish literature and I am now officially able to speak and write in the Polish language.
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  2. Y1n

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    Apr 22, 2017
    5. Tell us a little about yourself:
    As you can tell from the first word in this application, I like to keep my privacy; keeping my personal life and online identity separate is my main goal which has worked thus far. In life, I am not a sporty person or a very social person for that matter, I like to keep to myself and stay independent through my studies. Currently, I am teaching myself how to code in as many computer languages as possible. So far, I have been able to thoroughly learn through Python, HTML, CSS and partly Ruby with my current objective being to understand the inner-workings of Java.

    In terms of my social life, you would expect someone like me not to be very social and that is mostly true. Currently, I am spending most of my time at home doing independent studies and progressing my learning further than anyone else (in terms of computing) thus making me available most of the time. I have created a table issuing my activity whilst at home and the amount of hours I can put in towards the network.

    * 5.1 Activity:

    Monday {-} 4-6 hours
    - Mondays and Tuesdays I have plenty of free time.
    Tuesday {-} 4-6 hours
    - Wednesday I may have to do something after school.
    Wednesday {-} 3-5 hours
    - Thursday I have to do something 80% of the time.
    Thursday {-} 3-5 hours
    - Fridays are always half-days, I leave school early.
    Friday {-} 6-8 hours
    - Saturday is my lazy day.
    Saturday {-} 7-9 hours
    - Sunday is when I follow up on my School work, revision etc.
    Sunday {-} 7-9 hours

    6. How did you find out about our server?
    Like most people, through a server list. Personally, I use minecraftservers.org as it has a cleaner and friendlier setup. Anyway, I found it on the ~40th page on the website and the banner made me very attracted to the network, so I decided to check it out (I like simple and minimal art). To my surprise, I found out that the network was reopening the next day and I got really, really excited. In addition to this, I realized I had heard of this server before about a year ago, but never got to join for a reason I can not remember.

    Additional comments:
    • No, I do not watch Anime or even like it for that matter. Due to many people asking me things about certain Animes, I have to clear this up. My name is purposefully written as "Y1n" to implicate a coded message as a sort of inside joke.
    • My timezone is a good thing, but can also be a bad thing due to me not being able to see the majority of the community, which is Australian. It can be a good thing because there are not that many, if any, staff members that live in England which allows me to be online when people from the EU are.
    • Also, I know I am relatively new to Minexus but I intentionally left a 10-day period of me familiarizing myself with the server and its mechanics before applying to make sure that I have a list of potential improvements I would like to make.
    • As a more negative part of my application, I am known to have a few outbursts of anger-sometimes rage. It may seem normal to have these but I usually go to the full extent and could possibly get myself demoted for saying the wrong things at the wrong time. A prime and shameful example of this is my demotion on Wulf Network where I had tried to support my argument in getting LabbyMod to be an accepted client/mod on the network but most of staff team went against my point even when I was obviously more experienced with LabbyMod. The main reasons that the staff team did not want to allow the client was due to it being a potential ghost client. Me, being the fool I am, decided it was best to try and explain how the newest versions of the client cannot possibly be used as a ghost client in a very aggressive manner calling some of the members a handful of hateful words, which I do regret deeply. Due to me trying to act like a "know it all", I got demoted and soon banned after being "caught" using the client / another hacked client (even though I recorded my POV before getting banned, showing my client-in-use).
    - = Important
    * = Question which is not in the format
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  3. Y1n

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    Apr 22, 2017

    Reserving this for a count of negative, neutral and positive comments.

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    Neutral(s): 1


    01/05/17: Application submitted.

    02/05/17: Added colour-coded information.

    02/05/17.2: Now has separators which should stop the information from cluttering, making it a bit more enjoyable to read.

    04/05/17: Added additional servers to my list of staff experience (remembered them).

    05/05/17: Extra information, "Do you have any previous staff experience?".

    06/05/17: Revamped the application; looking through each answer and fixing any grammatical or punctuation mistakes.
    06/05/17.2: Extra information, "As a potential staff member, explain how you would make a difference/impact to the Minexus Network:".
    06/05/17.3: Extra information, "Why are you applying for staff?".
    06/05/17.4: Hit the 10,000 character roadblock; there will most likely be no more updates to this application.

    ¬ 10th of May update! (surprise)
    10/05/17: Extended the application into 2 posts! This gives me a larger character maximum (20,000 instead of 10,000).
    10/05/17.2: Extra information, "Why are you applying for staff?".
    10/05/17.3: Extra information, "Additional comments".
    10/05/17.4: Additional question, "Activity:".
    10/05/17.5: Added proof for my staff experience.
    10/05/17.6: Removed unnecessary separators.
    10/05/17.7: Highlighted extra information in each paragraph.
    10/05/17.8: Added a "key" for certain information at the bottom of the application.
    10/05/17.9: Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the whole application.

    13/05/17: Extra information, "Tell us a little about yourself:".
    13/05/17.2 Grammar checked, "Tell us a little about yourself:", "Do you have any previous staff experience?".

    ¬ 20th of May update!
    20/05/17: Font has been changed to "Verduna".
    20/05/17.2: Activity table has changed.

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    Mar 18, 2017
    But the real question is... CAN YOU DANCE
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  5. Y1n

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    Apr 22, 2017
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    Mar 18, 2017
    Well, that's no fun. Mr Zyr here is a tango man himself.
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  7. Zyr

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    Mar 3, 2017
    A very detailed application, highlighting important notes and structured professionally. Provided evidence to backup most claims and overall a treat to read; an application worthy of the name. :)

    I believe Y1n's skills and knowledge are an important asset to the Minexus Network. He has demonstrated professionalism and dedication to the network.
    His attentiveness shines through from various bug reports/design flaws that I had overlooked and his suggestions have always been beneficial.

    @Y1n, we would love to have you join our team. If you would like to accept, please reply below! (Since this isn't the application form, I can't "accept" it :p)
  8. Y1n

    Y1n Coordinator Staff Member Coordinator Player

    Apr 22, 2017
    How could I not accept? I love this network and I will dedicate myself to improve it and see it rise to the top. :) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so!